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School History

Brief History:
The Raymond L. Young Elementary School, originally known as the Bemiston School, had its beginning in 1929. The school has provided 90 years of successful elementary education for the surrounding community. The school was built initially to serve children whose parents were employed by the Bemis Bag Company. In the spring of 1955, the company deeded the school to the city of Talladega. Since that time, the school plant has been expanded five times to serve the population. In 2022 Talladega City School reconfigured, and R.L. Young Elementary now is home to our First Class PreK Program and Kindergarten. C.L. Salter Elementary houses grades 1-3 and Houston Elementary houses grades 4-6.
R.L. Young Elementary pursues excellence daily as they build the foundation of learning of Talladega City Schools. This school houses PreK and Kindergarten, the youngest students in the system. They foster learning through play, hands-on activities, group work, and direct instruction. Young’s goal is to help children develop into well-rounded individuals by focusing on good character, reading and math readiness, and academic achievement. Teachers have a strong grasp of early childhood education and development, and are trained in various strategies to help students learn.

Parents are an important part of child development and education, so their involvement is important at Young. Special events designed to build school culture have involved parents, such as ABC family night, Fall Festival, Santa’s Village family night, and parent lunch days. As visitors enter the building, an informational parent corner is welcoming, and screens display parenting tips, early childhood information, and student pictures. 

The students at R. L. Young strive to be respectful, focus on learning, and show integrity. This is how we pursue excellence.